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Audio comes in diffferent formats (Ex.MP3,WAV,FLAC…),until early versions of software(Most Adobe Software) MP3 wasn’t supported , and today it’s still be problematic for certain software to analyze some MP3/WAV… files.

File Formats:
.WAV – We always prefer to work with WAV files as they are more Dynamic , Harmonic and of course richer with information.
.MP3 – Less preferred for small projects , unless it’s a SET(30 MIN+)
 .AAC – Advanced Audio Coding is designed to be the successor of the MP3 format
NOTE: Most of the Audio formats will work flawlessly , unless they are Damaged , Wrongly Compressed , Recorded and more.

What we do in most cases:
We use your files to Analyze the DATA (DB/Volume,Spectrum,Hertz) – this is what Audio Reaction is based upon.
We Adjust Certain Parts so it will be in sync with Project’s Footage (Editing Projects).

Make sure you send us a WORKING .Wav(s) , if it will be problematic , we will contact you.

Note:If you supply .MP3, the quality WONT be changed due to AAC Codec.
Note:Final Audio will be converted to .AAC with high quality Pre-amps.

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