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Image Formats

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Images Come in Ton of Formats (Most Common are JPEG,PNG…).
Each file has it’s own attributes to achieve Different results (Image Data,Layers,3D information and much more).
It can be very confusing even for Intermediate user sometimes due the Variety.

File Formats:
.JPEGIn most cases this format will be used as Background or an element(the file WILL always have a background color which is part of the Image).If the Image is in High quality and doesn’t Have the same colors(Video) as the element(we are trying to separate element from the Background) there is 70% chance it can be separated from the Background,Photoshop is way more advanced for those purposes , if the file(s) is in High Quality when there is a high chance you can separate the element from it’s Background.
.PNG – Can come with Background or Without (Transparent).
Note: There are many options for PNG files (EX: RGB / Alpha / RGB + Alpha and more..).
.PSDPhotoshop file , can come in different varieties(very dependent on Designer’s Project and project’s purpose).
Very common in Video , Image industry because of the ability of Layering.
(You can Learn in-depth about more Image formats via Wiki.)

Video comes in a huge variety of Resolutions.
720pHD – 1280×720 pixels
1080pFULL HD – 1920X1080 pixels
2K2048×1080, or 1998×1080 as Flat presentation.
4K4096 x 2160 pixels (3840×2160 minimum resolution)
Note: It’s very important that the provider will supply the Accurate resolution for a desired resolution project , OTHERWISE it will be cropped (for example for 1080P the image should be 1920X1080 pixels).

Image Requirements:
.PSDWe always encourage our clients to provide us with .psd format because of the customization that can be done due Layering option.
.PNGIf it’s a Cover or Background for the footage , we will use it as one , if the client needs to separate the element from an image – it will cost him additionally.
.JPGmost of the time will be used as Background (High quality is required for separation).

(1).The Quality of your project / elements totally depends on the quality of the image(s) provider supplies.
(2).We will contact you if any further issues arise.

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