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Project Workflow

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We are doing our best to meet Client(s)’s expectations,Provide best possible result, make the project stand out – which is Client(s) paying for , but we can’t achieve the desired result without Client(s) being part of the project(providing detailed explanation – unless there is a Creative above us – To achieve the best result , there are conditions that should be met).

(Client(s) should fill Order Form – in most detailed way possible)
Project Booking:
Services – Audio Reactive:
Artwork BasedWe will base the animation on your current Artwork / Cover.
Note: If there will be difficulties with the .PSD file , we will contact you and explain how we should advance.
Channel TemplateThe template will serve you for how much time you want with just few simple edits (good for beginners also).
Exclusive Scene – Custom scene made by KiwiVFX for the Client(s).
Lyric Video – Video with Text of the Vocal.

Make sure you enter an accurate Date.

Ideas for the project:
Client(s) should provide story line, direction, reference in txt/pdf/html/doc format in advance.
Note: Check out this link for Video Pre-Production Planning.

Client(s) should provide working links to a similar project.

Credits / Links:
What links and Credits should we include in our videos?

Client(s) must make sure they upload all needed files for the project:
Photoshop Files, Image Files , Music Files , Fonts , Explanation Files , Footage Files…
Note: Client(s) should make sure everything is organized in a hierarchy and named properly.

Exporting / Output / Rendering is an essential part of every video project, Rendering can take 1 hour for a small project to months for bigger projects (Rendering Farms are ultimate alternative way for time saving).
Note: The bigger project , the more rendering will cost to the Client(s)(it’s almost impossible to estimate a rendering price due to the parts with more edits or less).
Note: It’s important to understand , the more Frames there are to render , longer it will take , this also depends on resolution and many more factors combined.
InfoFew Years ago , it became possible to render Videos at small Studios , More CPU / GPU (depends if plugin supports GPU or NOT – nowadays there is still poor GPU Support – GPU is FASTER than CPU) rendering hardware has , the faster the render will finished.

Production Agreement:
Standard Video Production Agreement which should be agreed upon.
Note: Not all sections apply to all projects.

Project Payment:
KiwiVFX is currently accepts only pre-booking , if there are any additional fees to be met , we will send you an invoice + account details which should be paid as soon as possible , otherwise it will delay the project’s deadline.

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