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Ultimate Audio Spectrum

Download V1 Download V2  Tutorial  Screenshots
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Project was carefully crafted to operate in the best way possible , save customer’s time , operate perfectly even if there are common producing issues which the project will automatically find and apply a fix , without user even seeing it.
Full customization of common options connected through the whole project to one composition which has all the options, you just need to do few clicks to change the layout completely.
You will be very amazed how easy it is to achieve your desired result in few minutes and of course start rendering right away!

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2D Shapes Textures

Download  Extended Version

Standard Version:
● There are 5 resolutions available within each pack – 720p + 1080p + 2k + 2000X2000 + 960X720 (Extra) + Extra Renders.
● The pack contains high quality PNG Renders which include 4 opacity modes – 100% + 30% + 20% + 10% – to save you time for editing and provide more options.
● Black and White renders are included as well.
● All Renders are Transparent!
– Textures can be used in your Videos , Images , Covers , Banners , Websites and many more.

Extended Version:
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Audio Spectrum 3 – FREE DOWNLOAD!

Demo  Download

● Includes:
▪ Easy to use / Easy to edit.
▪ No 3D Party plugins required.
▪ 2V x CS5.5/CS6 Project Versions.
▪ 60 FPS.
▪ Pre-configured Audio Spectrum – Just change the music.
▪ Two Different quality renders – Ready to use.
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Water Drop Spectrum Template – FREE DOWNLOAD!

Demo  Download

There were many requests of this template , so I’ve decided to take it off Fiverr and give it to your guys for Free!

Note: For best performance – you need Trapcode Sound keys And Particular(Project Without Both is also provided!).

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Organic Audio Reactive Sphere – FREE DOWNLOAD!

Demo  Download

It takes a lot of time to render(A lot Faster than C4D) – the more particles you have the longer the render will be, that’s why I’ve provided 2 versions:
1. 50,000 particles(Light version – without flares)
2. 300,0000 Particles(Heavy version – With Flares)
The projects are organized and ready for Intermediate user use.

: You need to to have Element 3D(V1) + Trapcode Soundkeys) + Optical Flares(For the Heavier version).
Element 3D
Trapcode Sound keys
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Audio Spectrum Template – FREE DOWNLOAD!

Demo  Version 1  Version 2

1. Easy to use / Easy to edit.
2. No 3D Party plugins required.
3. CS5.5/CS6 Project Versions.
4. An editable Intro.
5. Fully Dynamic Audio Spectrum – Just change the music.
6. Additional Spectrum design
7. Titles System – Jump in 0.15min each minute – 0.15,1.15,2.15.
8. Split Screen Effect with Bulge + Rain.
9. Two Different quality renders – Ready to use.
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