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Ultimate Audio Spectrum

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Project was carefully crafted to operate in the best way possible , save customer’s time , operate perfectly even if there are common producing issues which the project will automatically find and apply a fix , without user even seeing it.
Full customization of common options connected through the whole project to one composition which has all the options, you just need to do few clicks to change the layout completely.
You will be very amazed how easy it is to achieve your desired result in few minutes and of course start rendering right away!


-Very easy to use.
-Very Organized.
-Full Customization of useful options and layouts.

4 Customizable Audio Spectrums:
– Digital
– Dots

2 Variations:
– Horizontal
– Radial

Note: except for Waveform.

– Audio Reaction Scale (Radial.)
– Global Settings.
– Auto detect Audio Amplitude.
– Audio Reaction horizontal auto fix.
– 1 click Audio Spectrum select.
– Add / Remove effects.
– Full Customization.
– Stripes.
– Divider (EQ Look).
Note: Project knows to switch between the modes on its own.

Audio Reactive Effects:
Pump (Scale Effect).
– Bass Effect (Magnify + Blur)
– Flashes Effect.

– Effect Multiplier sliders.
–  ON / OFF controls.
– Audio Spectrum Global Controls.

4 Customizable Backgrounds + Custom Multi-purpose background:
– Squares
– Particle flow
– Triangles
– Stars

2 Variations (Triangles & Squares):
– Horizontal
– Radial

– Audio Reactive.
– Fully Customizable.
– Multipurpose Custom Background place holder:
Use as background of backgrounds or use as global background.
– On / Off controls.

5 Pre-made visual appearances + Custom Layout Controls:
– Red / Purple.
– Green.
– Blue.
– Orange.
– Blue / Purple.
– Custom Colors.

– Fully Customizable.
– Dual Presets Selection fix.
– On / Off controls.
– Color Controls.

Titles system:
– Artist name.
– Track Name.
– Release info / Label.
– Track Cover.
– Time Watched.
– Progress Bar.

– On / Off Controls
– Auto Adjust design.
– Place holders for text and images.
– Longer Duration Versions (15 Min)
– CC.2015.3 + CC (12) + CS6 Versions
– Various Creative Fixes
– Universal Expressions
– Pre-Configured Optimal options.

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 50 Responses 

  1. Could you release another version which using After Effects CS6? I don’t have AE CC, so I could not open the AE project file.

    • Hey Philip , What version of AE are you using? is it English?Else it will bump errors , you can always replace footage from footage folder.
      It should work perfectly in AE CS6 , but it will exclude all AE CC.2014 Features if any were used.

      • Hey Kiwi,
        Could you make an After Effects CS6 version of this template? I don’t have CC and also CC doesn’t work on my computer due to some specs my computer doesn’t have. I run CS6 version 11.
        Thanks for making free templates! 😉

        • New Version has CS6 Project included.

  2. i am having a problem with the template it says that 9 footage files are missing is there anything i need to do to fix this

    • Hello,

      Are you using English version of After Effects?
      You can Right click the files in the project panel , Right click them -> Replace File.

      Good luck!

  3. hello, i have a problem, before i render it says 7 files are missing, after rendering anyways i only recieve a black screen with my audio file playing

    • What language is your After Effects?
      You can always replace files via project assets window , Everything is Located inside Footage Folder , there might be few missing as music is not included.

  4. hello, thanks for your past help i managed to fix the issue but got a new one. my background image seems to be offline and i dont know how to add the nice illumination effect the preview shows.

    if you need an example here is a video of how the background appears

    • You have Missing Footage which is Flare.MP4 aka Flare , Replace it and it should work fine.

  5. how can i replace the background image with my custom background image?

    • Place 1920X1080 Background into Custom_Background Placeholder and tick “Custom Background” Via Settings Layer.

    • Đm

  6. I have a problem, every time I go to “SETTINGS” all I see is a black screen. Is there a solution for this?

    • Looks like you’ve made some un-correct modifications.

      Several Solutions:
      – Use English version of AE CC.2014.
      – Check if Caps Lock is on.
      – Re-open project from scratch.
      – Check if you have Black Solid overlaying Comps.

  7. Thanks for past help, but as always there is a new problem. I tried every solution you’ve had and it still doesn’t work. The difference this time is that it says “Unable to create font”, and when I go to “SETTINGS” again it says ” ‘Time Remap’ (line 2) of layer 7 (‘Progress Line’) in comp ‘Titles’, layer named ‘Final_Audio’ is missing or does not exist.” And yes, I did follow the mp4 tutorial that you gave.

    • Hello Lelo,

      As Always you need to know how to use Templates , We are keeping Store’s Standarts when we release our FREE templates with as much auto-solutions and Customizations as possible,We don’t Teach people AE which is very straight forward , Please don’t take it for granted, We can Simply stop replying when we see Technical issues.

      *Font Issue – “Arial” is a basic font which all OP Systems provide within.

      Understanding the Issue via Broken Expression – Time Remapping is Failing due to missing Layer which you removed or renamed [We strongly suggest NOT to]).

      Solution 1 (Fixing missing file Issue – The Audio File is NEVER included unless it was Mentioned otherwise):
      – Check If there is a Audio Layer in Audio Comp.
      – If there is none , Place Your Audio inside “Ultimate Audio Spectrum” -> “(Footage)” -> “EDIT” -> “Audio” , Afterwards rename it to “Barthezz – On the move (Modulation Remix).wav” , Run the project from scratch(Thats a Simple work around).
      – Re-Follow the Tutorial exactly without replacing the Audio file.

      Solution 2 (Current Situation Fix – Without Timeline and time options):
      – Go to Settings Comp , “Titles” , Un- tick “– Time – ON / OFF” + “– Progress bar – ON / OFF”.
      Good luck.

      Solution 3 (Understanding the problem and applying a fix – only if you know what you are doing):
      – Drop Audio File inside Audio Comp
      – Name it Final_Audio
      – Go to “Titles” Comp -> “Progress Line” Layer , Hit U, Fix the Broken expression by clicking Text(with your mouse and then click somewhere else) OR Click ≠ Symbol (If you can’t see it Hit “F4”)
      – Continue with the tutorial.

  8. Hello KiwiVFX

    This is an awesome template I have no issues I love what you’ve done my question is. Is there an way to add to the squares and triangles coming at you I’m working on an gospel mix and would like crosses to fly towards the screen vice squares how do I implement that into the template or is that not possible. Again thank you for your time and your template


    • Hello Matthew,

      It is possible but you have to start to unshy and re-make / work on a specific Background scene (You still have to understand how it works – which is very straight forward) It’s very important you work on a specific background comp , You can leave it as it is , Just un-tick it’s visibility , and bypass / ignore the setting for a specific background option(so errors won’t jump).
      Everything is possible , The template was build that way so you can add Backgrounds or switch , replace elements it will still work , Some options or settings won’t but generally it will.
      Keep in mind , there might be additional rigging required.

      Good luck,

  9. Hello! I love this template but I have two questions!

    1. Can I add a custom background while still being able to use the triangles, squares etc?

    2. How can I make the template 6 minutes long or more?

    • Hello,

      1. Nope,only 1 Background should work at the time , thats what allows to switch between Comps ,but There are hacky ways to accomplish it , if you understand AE – you will be able to solve this, Hint -> Remove Custom Background Expression at Opacity , (Custom Background in Settings -> is not working , just turn it off) In Settings , select desired BG Effect via settings Comp.
      2. Go to Flare Comp , Select layer -> Right click , Time -> Freeze Frame , Extend for the desired time , This will be the problematic part , Additionally You need to stretch all comps and layers to the new desired time.
      P.s – Project uses Looping , so time won’t be an issue.

  10. Hey guys!

    I wanted to know how I could use this template for multiple songs within the same project?

    Thanks! You guys did a great job on this.

    • Hi Andrew,

      You should Update the Template for your needs , Save it , maybe even compress it so you won’t be able to make changes to your Base Template, and then Update each time you have a new Song , Save as a new project , render , delete or save.

      Good luck!

  11. Hi Guys

    We Loved the Spectrum Idea and have used it in some videos but then we cam across a song that was more than 5 mins so we looked into it and you mentioned how to extend the time.

    “2. Go to Flare Comp , Select layer -> Right click , Time -> Freeze Frame , Extend for the desired time , This will be the problematic part , Additionally You need to stretch all comps and layers to the new desired time.
    P.s – Project uses Looping , so time won’t be an issue.”

    We tried this and there is one small problem is that after 4 mins the picture changes and was wondering how to fix this problem

    Footage Before 4 mins:
    Footage After 4 mins:

    Thanks for you time

    • We Don’t Support it , Make sure you Un-shy Everything and stretch it properly , in every comp , looks like Adjustment layer doesn’t fit the comp time.

  12. how to get the product? I can not find where lower it

    • Hit Download.
      No idea what you are trying to lower.

  13. Hi! Your project downloaded successfully and everything seems to be working fine. However I have one problem.

    I’m new to Adobe AE, and as such I can’t find things really easily.

    I want to extend the time limit. I looked to the directions above but unfortunately I cannot find this “flares” composition anywhere.

    How many compositions do I have to modify? I have no idea where to start with this.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Via Project browser Panel (Left Side) , You can also use search function.

  14. The template is not working. I have After effects CS6 version 11. Could you fix this template or create another one for CS6 please?

    • New Version has CS6 Project included.

  15. I have CS6 and I can’t use this template. I want to use this template for my projects. could you make on for CS6?

    • New Version has CS6 Project included.

  16. This doesn’t work in CS6. I don’t have CC. Could you please make a CS6 version of this template. I have CS6 version 11

    • New Version has CS6 Project included.

  17. Hi, This is a great template but I have a problem. Whenever I select custom background my particle effect disappers. The template won’t let me keep both the particle animation and a custom background. Is this a limitation or is there a settings fix?

    • Hello,

      Have Just tried , Can’t see the issue you are having.

      It’s hard to see them due their size, You can make particles larger Via Particle Layer , change their color, if the BG is dark , use brighter colors , if the BG is bright use darker particle color.
      (If you want to change particles color you should go to “Main” Composition -> Effect control Panel , Change White to Desired color).
      Will add color controller for particles in the next revision.

  18. Hi KiwiVFX,

    I love your work! But when I open the template in AE CC 2015.3
    all the square and triangle files are gone. Plus, when I change the backgrounds to the backgrounds provided in the .rar file, they still look different then the ones on the tutorial. Also, when I click on “settings” and see the look, it is just a circle with a glow around it. Nothing else.

    Any help?

    • Hello,

      Thanks , There are no Pre-Rendered Shape Backgrounds Provided , You should use the original project as it is , Go to “Settings” Comp and Adjust Background Settings , make sure you select only one at the time(Custom Background Counts as one).

      V2 , Looks differently from the project previewed , I’ll add V1 Link as well.

      • So how can I get those triangles/squares? I really want them. 😉

        • Settings Comp -> “Scene_Layout” Choose one background.

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  21. hy i whana know if i use them on youtobe it is a problem ? i need to buy the license for teamplate ?

    • Hello,
      Nope , Just use the credits for our channel, 2 links at least.

  22. Is it normal for the render time on a 3 min clip to be 30+ hours? My specs are fine, haven’t ever had this problem before with my own projects.

    • Depends , Variations aren’t restricted ,looks like you went to far with some of them ,try optimizing the project , Better results might take more time.
      What are fine specs?

  23. How to make my selfish picture color display normal? Color too dark

    • I have to find Vignette, but it is still black

      • I started the triangle, the background is black

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