Features List

1. Easy to use / Easy to edit.
2. Good for beginners.
3. 3 Placeholders.
4. 2 Tutorials.
5. Render Ready Settings.
6. Custom Rig.
7. Intro
8. Transparent Logo.
9. Line Animation.
8. Audio Reactive Circle Upscale.
9. Audio Reactive Circle Wiggle.
8. Background Blur (Audio Reactive).
9. Background Wiggle (Audio Reactive).
8. Twitch Effect.
9. Mirror Effect(x2).
10. 2K.




CC 13.2 Version


Without Twitch:

CC 13.2 Version


With UI:

CC 13.2 Version
(Put the Script inside Scripts folder which is located in After Effects main folder).




Required Software:
For 2K (1440P) You need Adobe Media Encoder
Suggested Plugins:

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