Ultimate Audio Spectrum

Project was carefully crafted to operate in the best way possible , save customer’s time , operate perfectly even if there are common producing issues which the project will automatically find and apply a fix , without user even seeing it.
Full customization of common options connected through the whole project to one composition which has all the options, you just need to do few clicks to change the layout completely.
You will be very amazed how easy it is to achieve your desired result in few minutes and of course start rendering right away!

Features List

1. 5 Pre-made visual appearances + Custom Layout Controls.
2. Titles system.
3. Place holders for text and images.
4. 15 Minutes Duration.
5. Audio Reaction Scale (Radial).
6. 4 Customizable Audio Spectrums – Analog, Digital, Dots and Waveform.
7. 4 Customizable Backgrounds + Custom Background placeholder
8. Bass Effect (Magnify + Blur).
9. Pump (Scale Effect).
8. Flashes Effect.
9. Audio Spectrum Global Settings.
8. Auto detect Audio Amplitude.
9. Simple panel – Audio Spectrum select.
8. Activate/Deactivate effects – ON / OFF Switches.
9. Effect Multiplier sliders.
10. Universal Expressions.
11. Pre-Configured Optimal options.
12. Flickering Flare.
13. Grain (By Creative Dojo).
14. Blur and Opacity Intro.

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