1. gavin

    the tutorial is error in minute 6

  2. maphau

    I cant see anything, its all rectangles with solid colors

    • KiwiVFX

      Can’t see what You see, please be kind a take a screenshot.
      Propably you should use english version of AE.

      • maphau

        I figured it out, it was the flare making it look weird. Sorry

        • KiwiVFX

          I see, You can try to replace the file in the project flow window, select the flare which are located withing (Footage) folder.

          • maphau

            Thanks and before i started rendering my video a popup came up and said im missing 21 items to record the video. Will this be a problem?

          • KiwiVFX

            Best is to replace one file, it will find all other assets if they weren’t moved.
            Check the final rendering composition and see if there are no artifacts.

  3. maphau

    Okay, thanks for your help 🙂

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